Bad Burritos

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Butt-wiggling Photoshop animation of my reaction to a TV news alert warning of ten thousand pounds of bad burritos escaped and running loose in the city. Soundtrack composed in Garageband.  


A Tour Of The Simpsons

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Handing my granddaughter a disposable video camera, I asked her to make some videos. So she made this tour of the Simpson family, starting with grandpa’s stinky concoctions.   


Palm Springs

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Part 45 of a 50-part series on Amtrak passenger train travel across America as viewed by an east Texas amateur videographer going to Hollywood to be in a documentary. This episode: Palm Springs. Music by rextangle  


Interbore News

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These people who get behind a desk and make videos pretending to be real news broadcasters irritate and bore me. The videos look like job resumes. If I wanted to watch someone reading the news, I would turn on the TV. I own a TV.  


First Day Off

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Prosaic song about the joys of a well-deserved day off. Music created in Garageband.  


Ghost of Xmas Future

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What Christmas is going to look like: kids, family, presents.


Big Assed Angry Tigress

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Nonfiction prose about life at a weekly rate crack motel.