Penny Arcade of My Early Stuff

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Video clips from some early videos I made. A series.


Courting The Hispanic Vote

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Presidential candidates Clinton and Obama heat things up courting the Hispanic vote. Birthed, swaddled and shoved out into the cold, cruel world by Jan Ischinger.


Two Fat Heberts On A Half Bed

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Sometimes my sister shows up in the middle of the night for a sleepover with mommy.


Nine Subs Morphing

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Another musical tribute to the marquisdejolie viral video experience. A series.


Why I Dig Tubemogul

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A brief testimonial and overview of the premier multiple site video uploading service for viral videologists and why I like it so much. soundtrack courtesy Incompetech


Baddest Videos I Have Made

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Video clips from some really bad old videos I have made for my online art. A series. clips composed in Garageband/iLife/iMovie intro/exit soundtrack courtesy Incompetech