Marquisdejolie, Nalts and ChristopherMast Break Dancing

Click pic for some serious break dancing!

Two Fat Heberts On A Half Bed

Sometimes my sister shows up in the middle of the night for a sleepover with mommy.


Shame On The V.A.

The Veterans Administration saves itself a lot of money by making disabled veterans prove that they’re still alive.


Nine Subs Morphing

Another musical tribute to the marquisdejolie viral video experience. A series.


Badderest Videos I Have Made

Video clips from some really bad old videos I have made for my online art. A series.


V.A. Liars

My first hand experience true story of the official stalling tactic process veterans go through to get help from the V.A., a humorous video about the Department of Veterans Affairs Emergency Assistance scam where they save lots of money by claiming you don’t exist. soundtrack composed in Garageband


Where’s Marquisdejolie #9

Part Nine of a Where’s Waldo-like Name-the-Place game series. This episode: the place where I met famous science fiction writer Ray Bradbury.