The Fart Heard Around The World


What happens when a teenager brings a fart machine into a public library? Wackiness ensues. What happens when Nalts posts a video of those antics on Youtube? He gets an amazing 1,416,705 views. 200,000 of those views just last night!

Quote from a case on nuisance horse farting that went all the way up to the Montana Supreme Court in the 80s:

“These horses and their egregarious divestitures of abdominal gas echoing through the hills and vales of this otherwise peaceful area, closely akin to the point blank discharge of a double-barreled shotgun have no place in this quiet, residential hamlet of Big Sky.”

(I used this quote in my humor column, The Reactionary Rattler, on the St. Mary’s University student newspaper, The Rattler, in a column entitled The Politics of Flatulence” and have not forgotten it since)

Farting, human or otherwise, has been a bane on civilization for as long as I can remember. It’s a volatile subject. A hundred million Americans suffer from Faux Defacation Syndrome. Someday, we may find a cure. One thing’s for sure, though: when a teenager farts in the library, millions of us stop to listen.

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