Introducing The New Master of French Hip Hop

Love your life.—Henry David Thoreau

I like this Revver video. Once in a while I like to think. It’s a mood thing. Comes over me quick like a feral warehouse cat backed up into a corner. Lunges at me with claws and fangs out. Look close. You’ll see it.

The mood passes quickly and then I’m back to wanting to watch skateboarders fall off of roofs and pimply faced adolescents using their thousand dollar video equipment to shake their fists at “The Man” before mom calls them in for dinnertime, but in the meantime, videos like this are what I want to watch/ think about. They remind me of the frenetic tail chasing of Stirfry, my homeless attorney, Boneless Bob, Bossier Bill, Gordon The Hollywood Anarchist and the other concrete-crazed denizens of the factotum street who didn’t make it out like I did.

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