Mulholland P.S. Reviewed: Working The Felony Shift

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You see it all working The Felony Shift. —Mudhead

    One of my buddies who also used to drive callgirls to their appointments wrote me:

    “One of these days, one of those bodies along Mulholland Drive will be some girl we knew tossed along the roadside.”

    My response:
    “I know. The girls we drove led dangerous lives. They got to meet the sickest men in a sick city . . .but enough about their drivers . . .let’s talk about their customers. Now THOSE guys were REALLY twisted.

    Every time there’s a news report about some woman’s body being found near the freeway (remember 1997? there was a lot of that back in ’97), I wonder if I knew the girl. Odds were pretty good I did back in ’97.

    I was there when Bill Cosby’s kid got whacked on the Mulholland/405 access road. Passed right by the car on my way to deliver a callgirl to a mansion on Mulholland. That’s just the kind of shit you run in to when you work the felony shift.

    Ah, but that’s all behind me. I’m an Arconian now.

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