Creepacisms 7 : Creepy Blacks Out

Apparently all the hoohaw about the California energy crisis has seeped into Creepy’s consciousness.

Early this morning I was at my laptop playing SimCity. The ceiling fan was whirling, the ceiling fan light was on, the floor fan was on high, my 4-foot tall ionic air cleaner was making its loud white noise and the refrigerator was humming away.

Lotsa sound and light.

Creepy comes running out of his bedroom wearing nothing but his bikini briefs, panties, whatever. I knew it was an emergency because we’ve already talked about him not leaving his room wearing only his dayglo panties.

He comes running out of his room, arms waving, eyes wide with fear and panic, runs behind me to the motel tv set and begins punching at the power-on button, except he’s so panicked that he’s hitting the volume button.

“We’re in a BLACKOUT, James,” he practically screams with hysteria.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m going to check the news, see how long the power . . .”

But then his brilliant New Jersey analytical mind kicks in to the fact that if we’re in a blackout, the tv probably won’t work. Nevermind that he’s punching the volume buttton on a set that’s turned off. Nevermind that the ceiling fan and light are on, along with the floor fan and air cleaner.

He runs back into his room, slamming his cuckcoo-clock-like door behind him. I give him a few minutes to figure out what planet he’s on, then pop my head inside his room. His tv is on.

“Oh,” he says, “It was just a loose plug.”

You bet it was, I thought, the one between your brain stem and whatever soup lies above it.

“You didn’t catch on that my computer was on, the light was on, the fans were on out there in my room?” I asked.

“I thought that was strange,” he answered.

I don’t make this stuff up, folks.

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