Where Will All The Vietnamese Cat Killers And Orange-Headed Crackheads Go?

by Jolie Blond

Construction workers arrived at the
vacant Voodoo Lot
next door to my crack motel
early this morning
to rebuild the emaciated chain link fence
that never succeeded
in keeping anyone out
or anything in.

Kimmee, the Arco manager,
tells me that the lot’s owner
(same guy who owns the adjoining Arco gas station)
has rented the lot out
to some construction company
that wants to park some tractors and equipment there.

Where will all the Vietnamese voodoohead
cat sacrificers and crackheads go
now that their habitat has gone the way of
the Spotted Owl and the Stripe-backed Frog?
How will the gods of Uru, Shasta
and that orange-haired crack dealer
be appeased?

Oh, I sense trouble
when they start parking
vehicles of industry
over the carcasses of crack pipes
and cats.

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