Contemplating Beatle-juice and Bad Company

(The couch I guard for Sucko Security)

Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner
but he knew it couldn’t last
Jojo left his home in Tuscon Arizona for some California grass
Get back, Get back, Get back to where you once belonged.
—The Beatles

Walkin’ down this rocky road
wonderin’ where my life is leading
rollin’ on to the bitter end
finding out along the way
what it takes to keep livin’
you should know how it feels my friend

Now I’m on my feet again
better things are bound to happen
all my dues surely must be paid
many miles and many tears
times were hard but now they’re changing
you should know that I’m not afraid
—Bad Company

Living here in this veterans’ retirement home for brain dead, caucassian-hating, drug-addled negroes (white, black, brown and yellow; we are ALL negroes here) who are angry that their eighth grade educations don’t qualify them for upper management salaries (not that we want anything at all, oh Lord no, to do with upper management responsibilities) . . .

. . . riding a 49 cc leafblower-with-wheels Chinese scooter through the fast food franchise-ravaged ghetto to a Sucko Security couch-guarding job in cheesy, brie-sie Culver City, land of the overpaid, souless, children of waste . . . feels less than noble today.

God help me, I think I belong here, but I’d rather be in Colorado right now.

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