Texasyacht, Call Home!

I took my shirt off to communicate better with Texasyacht, who does a lot of his Revver.com videos shirtless. It’s a Royal Order of Jolietharians thing. I feel I needed to say that, to explain that I know how hard it is for some of you to see me this way, but I did it for my brother Jolietharian.

Texasyacht is one of the unsung heroes of Revver Dot Com. Month after month after month, he broadcasts his (mostly) shirtless 9-second PSAs like John The Baptist out in the desert. Call home, Texasyacht. Call home.

3 Responses

  1. thanks brother,you are the heroe of revver,you stuff has inspired me.my connecton soslow,gotta ;em keepthem short,laughing @myself,peace,texasyacht……..aka,charles foster……..keep those videos goin!!!!!

  2. by the way,just found this site yesterday,,,,,,,,,my hats off to you :]

  3. kidding me?Your as off the wall as i am,,,,,,lmao,keep;em rollin

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