Stiff Competition For My Weirdness Niche

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  1. Okay- I’m not sure I believe what I just saw, but I think they deserve PRIMO real estate on the Bizarre page of CubeBreak, which was previously dominated by one Marquidejolie.

    James- think back 20 years ago. Is it possible you had two children that you had forgotten about? This can’t be explained otherwise.

    P.S. Daddy- tell us the story about when you fell out of an airplane. That will top these.

  2. Don’t forget to login before you scrape the video HTML. You’ll get a 20% affiliate fee on the ad clicks to the videos see on your blog. I always forget.

  3. You have NOTHING to worry about MR. Jarvis. You are the reigning king of interesting, thought-provoking weirdness. The “Mt. Fuji” thing for me was like a comedy at first, but then, I got bored. Very bored. (Maybe it’s just the Zicam working…I have a monster chest-cold at present, which as you know from “Clips Show” could be life-threatening for me…;-)) Then, the Jason thing…I don’t know…it will be worth seeing two more “episodes”, I guess. (If they are forthcoming…) It’s like when you see the first episode of a TV show…sometimes the characters are presented in an intriguing way…sometimes in a confusing way. Jason was the latter…for me. Maybe if he’d worn a red Speedo?
    Oh, who ASKED me!? Reading that over, I feel like one of those lame-o post-ers on youtube. 😉 But, I’ll hit “login and publish” anyway. Mua-ha-ha! 😉

  4. I think I was weirded out more because I’ve had some bad experiences with Mt. Fuji and spiced cider when I was working for Pacific Stars ‘N Stripes in Tokyo, but those are subjects for later videos.

    The rice paddy helicopter story is coming, Nalts. It’s coming. Unfortunately, I mostly took slides of my Far East travels and I need to get a slide scanner to convert them to QuickTime.

    Crystalized ginger and apple cider vinegar for the chest cold, Dawn. Doesn’t do squat for the symptoms, but helps bring down inflammation. Light on the vinegar. Heavy on the ginger.

    Hey! Someone should do a video on all the weird cures folks recommend when you tell ’em you’ve got a cold.

  5. Greetings!

    To help alleviate some of the confusion concerning the “Jason Thing” as it seems to have come to be known, it’s not really a “show,” per se, but actually an intro I put together for a Video Letter to…yep, you guessed it, my friend Jason. There’s two or three more intros from the Video Letters on my Revver page, and I talk about what the Video Letters ARE in my Video Blog (plus there’s some clips from a few of them up on my Revver page – I’m especially proud of “The Horror of a Bachelor’s Kitchen”)

    Alas, the intro for Update II got rejected for copyright issues (it featured a bunch of clips from video games, guess they took exception to that…), though you can find it on my webpage (

    If you’re wondering what kinds of actual, proper “shows” I’ve done, you can check out “The Tom and Sean Show” which was an exercise in randomness I did in the late 90’s with my buddy Tom, or if you prefer shorter, less meaningful fare, there’s “Being Serious” and “Two Philosophers” both of which I did with my good friend Ben (who is also my collaborator for our Two Guys and An Effects Box music project).

    Well, I think that’s enough shameless self-promotion for one day. Thanks for watching, I appreciate the comments!

    – Zaranyzerak

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